Top 10: Guardians of the Galaxy Mash-Ups


Guardians of the Galaxy is quickly becoming the most popular movie of the summer, so as you can imagine, fans of the film are putting their artistic talents to good use and bombarding the internet with GOTG themed illustrations.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of pop culture mash-ups. I would go as far as to say that my week isn’t complete unless I’ve found an amazing compilation of two fandoms combined. Some of my all-time favourites have been based on Disney Princesses, but I recently came across a fan made poster, joining Guardians of the Galaxy with the Netflix show; Orange is the new Black. This led me to scouring the internet for more GOTG mash-ups. My top 10 favourites are below.

10. GOTG / Reservoir Dogs by Crocktees


9. GOTG / Futurama by happydragonpictures


8. GOTG / Star Wars by Chrisraimoart


7. GOTG / Disney by Robby Cook


6. GOTG / Pokemon by Bonez619


5. GOTG / Peanuts by Matthew J Fletcher


4. GOTG / Adventure Time by Mike Vasquez


3. GOTG / Bob’s Burgers by Mario D’Anna Jr


2. GOTG / My Little Pony by Schlogger


1. GOTG / Invader Zim by Mike Vasquez


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