Five Awesome Star Wars Gifts For Under £10

Happy Star Wars Day guys! May the fourth be with you and all that jazz.

Before I sit down to watch A New Hope – obviously the greatest Star Wars movie – I wanted to share some of the things on my Star Wars wish list. All of them cost less than 10 squids, so they’re perfect if you’re looking for a little Star Wars day gift for your friends – or me! BUY ME THINGS!

Star Wars Construction Kits

If you love building those Star Wars Lego sets, these are a must. They’re a cheaper, slightly more fiddly alternative, that look more detailed than their Lego counterparts, and are super shiny – calm down magpie Emma. There are lots of different sets available, including a TIE Fighter, X Wing, Speeder, and my favourite – the AT-AT. Each set is only £9.98, and IWOOT are currently offering buy one get one free. Check them out Here.

Star Wars Blueprint Posters

I am obsessed with blueprint posters. I just think they look great everywhere, and they’re super subtle as well. Print Point have some amazing one’s in their Etsy store right now. You can get  blueprints for everything from the Millennium Falcon, to the Death Star. There’s even an Imperial Forces poster that combines all the images into one. The posters are only £5.27, but you only receive a digital copy to print yourself. If you want something physical, check out Stanley Print House who have similar prints available.

Rick & Morty Star Wars Pins

If you love a good crossover, you have to check out these pins by Get A Life Designs. Ever wondered what Rick would look like as a Stormtrooper – well now you don’t have to. The pair have been transformed into cartoon versions of the iconic clones, and they look surprisingly awesome. If you have a bit of a quirky pin fetish, like myself, then these are a must, and they’re only £8. Take a look.

Star Wars Bath Bombs

For the well-kept among you – Star Wars bath bombs exist! As a bit of a Lush fanatic, having a nerdy alternative is an absolute dream. Frakking Bombs have created Millennium Falcon and Han Solo – in carbonite – versions of the fizzy bath treats. They look so sweet, and they’re only £4.02 apiece, scented with Lavender and Vanilla. Check them out here. There are even little Stormtroopers available, £1.61 for two.

Star Wars Tsum Tsums

Another obsession of mine – Disney Tsum Tsum’s. It all started when my sister brought me back Minnie Mouse from Disney Land – now I have about 30 of the things, and I don’t want to stop there. I’ve had my eyes on the Star Wars plushes for a while now because they are some of the cutest I’ve seen. Boba Fett, you will be mine! They are only £3 from the Disney Store.

What’s on your Star Wars wish list? Will you be celebrating May the 4th today? What will you be doing? 


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