Simpsons Pins – Gotta Catch Em All

So apparently today is known as Whacking Day in the Simpson’s universe, and since I have neither a club, nor the ability to ‘whack’ anything, I thought I’d share something I am rather fond of – Simpsons lapel pins.
These bad boys are extra awesome because they mash-up with Pokemon characters. If you’ve ever wondered which Pokemon Homer Simpson would be, well, wonder no more because he’s Blastoise.

Other pins in the collection include Ned Flanders as Nidorino – which I’ve got to say is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen, Crazy Cat Lady as Persian – who doesn’t look much different to how I imagine her without clothes anyway, and Krusty as Mr Mime – which is definitely my favourite out of the lot.

If you’re not really a pin lover, there are stickers of every character too. Thumbs Designs have even mocked up fake pokemon cards as well, each with their own set of attacks.

Nelson, or Gengelson, has an ability called Ha! Ha! which causes the opponent 1 damage, and Psyralph’s ‘My Brain Hurts’ causes the opponent to eat glue.. lots of glue.

Check them all out below. Which is your favourite?

Homer X Blastoise


Sticker | Pin | Pokemeon Card

Bart X Pikachu


Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Marge X Lapras


Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card 

Lisa X Starmie


Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Maggie X Staryu


Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Santa’s Little Helper X Vulpix

Santas Little Vulpix

Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Ned Flanders X Nidorino


Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Maude Flannels X Ghastly


Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Rod and Todd X Doduo

Rod and Todduo

Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Bullies X Koffin and Weezing


Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Nelson X Gengar


Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Barney X Venusaur


Sticker | Pin | Pokemon Card

Mr Burns X Charizard

Mr Chariburns

Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Comic Book Guy X Snorlax

Comic Book Lax

Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Millhouse X Tangela

Millhouse Tang Houten

Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Krusty X Mr Mime

Mr Krusty 

Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Sideshow Bob X Exeggutor

Sideshow Bobutor 

Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card

Otto X Golbat


Sticker | Pin | Pokémon Card


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